Project presentation of Launch Conference of the project by Sorin Eugen Zaharia – Director

 – 26 of January 2018 –

KAAT project presentation at ICAO EMEA Summit Aviation Youth Event by Stefan Popescu

 – 8 May 2018 –

KAAT project presentation at ACI Europe Leadership and Human Resources Forum by Sorin Eugen Zaharia

  7-10 May 2018

KAAT – presentation of the qualifications report at Lisbon workshop, by Sorin Eugen Zaharia

10th of July 2018

KAAT – presentation of the paper “Better partnerships for better skills and employability in air transport” – by Sorin Eugen Zaharia – EDULearn

2-4 July 2018

Report on occupational analysis in air transport industry-first version


Report on qualifications analysis in air transport industry- first version

October 2018