Nr. of WP

Title of the deliverable

3.1. Master “IT applied in aviation”

3.2. Work programme for the short-term mobility for teaching staff for exploitation of ICT tools in new study program

4.1   7 reviewed curricula for 7 existing study programmes
4.2   3 reviewed curricula for 3 existing trainings
4.3   A dual learning study program implemented (included in the 7 reviewed)
4.4   A reviewed international master implemented (included in the 7 reviewed)
4.5   A reviewed international training implemented (included in the 3 reviewed)

5.1 Methodology for SQF and recognition of prior learning and work experience in aviation

6.1 European Network for Aviation Training and Education

7.1 Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability Plan
7.2 Project website and online tools
7.3 Public Multiplier Events
7.4 Dissemination materials

8.1 Partnership Agreement (PA)
8.2 Steering Committee preparation and Meeting Reports
8.3 Coordination of classes, workshops conferences and visits
8.4 Realization of intermediary and final reports to EACEA

9.1 Set up of the Quality Assurance and Monitoring Board (QAMB)
9.2 Quality Assurance and Monitoring Plan;
9.3 Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

10.1 Quality Evaluation Methodology
10.2 Internal quality evaluation reports
10.3 Impact evaluation questionnaires
10.4 Final project impact report