The aim of this WP is to elaborate a methodology in two parts: the first one for developing a SQF for aviation at European level and the second one for establishing links between EC tools for recognition and air transport regulations for qualifications and occupations in order to ensure smooth professional pathways in aviation.

1. Analyse of existing methodologies for SQF and aviation regulations on regulated qualifications and methodologies for recognition of prior learning or work experience. WG 5.1 is composed by U Zagreb, UPB, Airport Cluj and Deep Blue.
2. Elaborate the Report on best practices for SQF and for recognition tools by U Zagreb and UPB. The CNCP and ATCR will give advice on the report.
3. Elaboration of the first part of Methodology on SQF by the first working group (WG 5.2) composed by Cluj Airport(P13), UPB (P1), TTI (P4), Deep Blue (P8), and Quasar (P7). CNCP wil give advice on the Methodology.
4. Elaboration of the second part of Methodology on recognition by the second working group (WG 5.3) composed by University of Zagreb (P2), University of Strasbourg (P5), INOVAMAIS (P6), University of Zilina (P9), Ecole de Mines (P16).
5. All partners (full and associated) will give feedback on methodologies and the methodologies will be refined by the 2 working groups.
6. A Workshop (WS 2) with a large participation of stakeholders will be organised in order to have more reactions and a large consensus for a large acceptance and application of methodologies. All associated partners will participate.
7. Together WG 5.2 and WG 5.3 elaborate the final version of Methodology.
8. Presentation of Methodology in the Conference CO2.

The Methodology will contain:
– The first part dedicated to the conception of a SQF for aviation considering the EC recommendations, competence based learning practices used in aviation and the aviation regulations;
– The second part of the Methodology dedicated to the recognition of prior learning and work experience for a better coherence of professional and training pathways; it will be precise the conditions and procedures for passing from a non-regulated to a regulated qualification.
In the document will put the principles of SQF and recognitions, the modalities for using the descriptors of learning outcomes, templates for preparing the necessary documents. It will be describe the tools for recognition, the link between different levels of qualifications and the correlations between different countries in order to ensure a European recognition.