The Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability of Project Results workpackage (WP7) covers the entire project period. The WP7 will be lead by QUASAR and TTI, but all partners will be responsible to take any initiative at local level.
A Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (DESP) will be elaborated, by the WP7 lead partners QUASAR and TTI with the participation of the project coordinator and with the consultation of other members of the consortium at the beginning of the project outlining a range of activities that will ensure the awareness of the project and its results at the regional, national and European level. Aviation companies, aviation maintenance and services companies, Higher Education Institutions, trade unions, and generally aviation related organisations and association will be targeted.

Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (DESP) will have 2 main sections: the firs one for dissemination plan and the second for sustenability plan.
Part 1. Dissemination plan
This document will outline the proposed dissemination activities and provide guidance on what, when, to whom and how to disseminate. It will address aspects such as:
– Purpose and objective of communication and dissemination in the project;
– Overall strategy for communication and dissemination and interconnections with other WPs.
– Target Groups and Messages to be delivered;
– Dissemination media, tools and activities and purpose of each;
– Visual identity (logo, templates, key messages);
– Reporting tools and procedures.

Part 2. Sustainability plan
The sustainability of the KAAT can be ensured at different levels:
a) the preliminary needs analysis;
b) the structure of the modules;
c) training activities;
d) access to labour market