The overall management of the KAAT project will be lead by the coordinat (P1-UPB) and will be helped by a vice leader Deep Blue (P8) and the Steering Committee (SC). The SC will be composed by 1 representative of each partner and 3 from the UPB (P1). The 3 persons from P1 are the project manager, the financial responsible and a responsible for teaching activities.
To each parner will be establish a responsible for the management of the project, who will be the representative in the SC and a team project for fulfilling their tasks. At the level of each country, the partners from the country will establish a resposible for quality assurance, who will be member of Quality Assurance and Monitoring Board.

During the Steering Comitee meetings, the coordinator and the partners will approve the main results according to the objectives and to the indicators of project achievement and will agree monitoring documents and “to do” lists.
After each SC meeting a meeting report of the discussed issues and the adopted decisions for the next project period will be realized and distributed to all the consortium members.
SC 1 – Main topic: Adoption of: Partnership agreements, quality assurance, Dissemination Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (DESP); detailed presentation of project financial procedures according EACEA roules; project launch coferance. Month 1. Location: Bucharest
SC2 – Debates and approval of reports on occupations (WP1, R1.1) and on qualifications (WP2, R2.1), quality evaluation. Month 7. Location: Lisbon.
SC3 – Aproval: of learning outcomes and curriculum for the master “IT applied in aviation” (WP3 – R3.1); analyse of match between learning outcomes and labour market demands in term of competences for new IT occupations in aviation; approval of final list for study programs and trainings to be improved (WP4). Financial and quality analyses. Month 13, Location: Zagreb.
SC4 – approval of Methodology for SQF (WP 5 – R5.1); organized together with CO2 to have a large debate with stakeholders on Methodology. Quality analysis. Month 21, location Rome.
SC5 – Aproval of curricula for the 7 study programs revised (WP4, R4.1) and for 3 trainings (WP 4, R4.2). Financial analysis of project progress. Quality analysis. Month 28, location Strasbourg.
SC6 – Evaluation of project results. Validation of ENATE, Sustenability plan after the lifetime of the project, financial analysis and establish of main ideeas for final report. Closing conference. Month 36. Location: Bucharest.