1. Report on occupational analysis in air transport industry – first version

The Report on Occupational Analysis in Air Transport describes the results of an occupational analysis of the aviation sector (WP1). The analysis contains the description of around 120 aviation occupations by providing definitions and descriptions of knowledge, skills and competences required by each of them, created in compliance with ESCO classification

2. Report on qualifications analysis in air transport industry – first version

The evolution of aviation generates the creation of new many jobs. The Report on Qualifications in Air Transport (WP2). Based on the unique methodology the report describes 30 qualifications using learning outcomes:  knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility and social and personal development. The qualifications are from EQF level five to seven.

3. Challenges in airport digital transformation – INAIR 2018

The paper outlines airport digitization trends, the structure through which total airport management is implemented and identifies the changes in airport management determined by new implementation schemes. The authors also analyze the technological challenges determined by the required equipments for the digital transformation of Romanian Henri Coandă airport and propose solutions for check-in area, security, customs control, departure control and passenger assistance services. Ultimately, the impact of implementing the proposed technologies, especially on the experience of the passengers will be examined

4. An Outline of Sectoral Qualifications Framework In Aviation Industry”, Zagreb, 5th of November 2018

Aviation industry is a complex industry in which significant technological progress has been made. Huge demands are placed on experts working in aviation industry and therefore their responsibilities are great. Educational system should be created in a way to serve aviation industry and to predict further developments in the industry, and not only to be in line with the contemporary needs and requirements. This paper gives an outline of general structure and Sectoral Qualifications Framework in aviation industry based on current key competences and qualifications. An overview of aviation market is also presented in relation to future job requirements. Categories of qualifications in the sector are to be further analysed in terms of required knowledge, skills, and key competences.