The aim of this WP is to review curricula for some existing study programmes in order to improve the learning outcomes and furthermore the employability of graduates.
The main idea is to articulate the strengths of the existing programmes and curricula with specific requirements and professional purposes. National professional and economic aspects will be included in these new programmes for a given “job-level”. If the content of courses and curricula of study programmes will be at the heart of the WP4, we also point out teaching methods. More than academic course, particular attention will be drawn on innovative methods with active and differentiated teaching. Students play an active role in their training, using “serious game” or instructive immersion in partner companies or associated to project.
The WP will be focused in 3 directions:
1. Revision of learning outcomes and the curricula of 7 study programmes bachelor and masters based on the analysis done in WP1 and WP 2;
2. Revision of learning outcomes and curricula of 3 trainings for specializations and knowledge upgrade based on reports of WP1 and WP2;
3. Implementation of 2 study programmes and 1 training program using dual learning from the third year of the project.

During the project will be developed, tests and implement innovative practices relating to:
– learning, teaching, training work materials and methods, pedagogical approaches and tools;
– project-based collaboration, peer-learning, workshops, virtual laboratories, virtual collaboration spaces;
– networking activities;
– information, guidance, coaching and counseling activities;
– comparative analyses, studies of real life cases.