The objectives of WP9 are:
–  To support the project coordination and act as a verifying tool on whether the targets have been met;
–  To simplify decision-making processes and to promote a smooth implementation of changes if deemed necessary;
–  To involve all partners and promote a context of open-discussion, debate and agreement;
–  To reveal strength as well as weaknesses and identify obstacles to progress and implement corrective measures when necessary;
–  To ensure smooth and frequent communication among partners;
–  To observe the work effectiveness throughout the project period;
–  To assess the engagement of all partners to the activities quantitatively and qualitatively.

The Quality Assurance and Monitoring Plan- QCMP will contain among other data, templates and working procedures for:
–  KPI for each WP;
–  Procedures for Quality deployment in the project;
–  Coordination of the conferences; workshop and bilateral meetings;
–  Template for monitoring and evaluation reports;
–  Internal and external assessment reports after each conference and meeting;
–  Questionnaires for workshops and trainings;
The QAMP will provide for the monitoring and periodic review of the project and its outputs. It will ensure that:
–  explicit intended learning outcomes are developed and published in the new syllabi;
–  participation of industry representatives and student in syllabi design
–  learning resources are available to the teachers and students
–  monitoring of the progress and achievements of students is in place