In this WP will undertake the activities necessary for the creation of European Association for promoting excellence in aviation education and training by a very close collaboration of higher education institutions and business sector.
By excellence in education, the changes have impact on long term. In addition in aviation, the prevision for job needs are undertaken for 15 years or more. From here, we need to have an organism with long life for conception of an adequate qualification offer and for a permanent dialog education – business.
The creation of “ENATE” within the project, having as least as members the partners in project, it is a guaranty that all results achieved within the project will be continued, consolidated ensuring sustainability of the project results and representing an innovative partnership open to universities, training providers, airports, airlines, maintenance and handling companies, air traffic providers, regulatory bodies and international organizations.

The main objectives of network are
– to ensure on long term an enhance and systematic university-business dialog for a coherent education and training in aviation accordingly the labour market demands;
– the dissemination of project achievements and results;
– to continue and valorize the results of the project, especialy the implementation of new master and the revised study programs and trainings
Other objectives of ENATE will be:
– Develop the European dimension of aviation education and training;
– develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning by a European partnership between education and busines;
– facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge